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  Threshold alert code for
Posted by Luiz on Aug-20-2022 06:34
Hi Peter!

Could you please show me the frmzoomscrolltrack threshold alert code for like that attached VBA sample picture?

Thanks in advance.


  Re: Threshold alert code for
Posted by Peter Kwan on Aug-23-2022 03:49
Hi Luiz,

ChartDirector for ASP/COM/VB includes and example for VB6 as follows:

For VB.NET, you can simply translate the VB6 code to VB.NET syntax:

' Add a red mark line to the chart, with the mark label shown at the left of
' the mark line.
Dim m As Mark
m = c.yAxis().addMark(thresholdValue, &HFF0000, "Alarm = " & thresholdValue)

If dataSeries3(UBound(dataSeries3)) > thresholdValue Or _
   dataSeries2(UBound(dataSeries2)) > thresholdValue Then
    ' Add an alarm message as a custom text box on top-right corner of the
    ' plot area if the latest data value exceeds threshold.
   c.addText(575, 62, "Alarm - Latest Value Exceeded Threshold", _
                "Arial Bold", 10, &HFFFFFF, Chart.TopRight).setBackground(&HDD0000)
End If

' Fill the region above the threshold as semi-transparent red (80ff8888)
c.addInterLineLayer(layer.getLine(1), m.getLine(), &H80FF8888, Chart.Transparent)
c.addInterLineLayer(layer.getLine(2), m.getLine(), &H80FF8888, Chart.Transparent)

Peter Kwan