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  Support of irregular boundaries for Surface Chart
Posted by Adil on Aug-31-2022 23:26

I did not use Surface charts before getting into a recent project. I need a 3D view of 2D contoured scattered data.
Is it possible to plot a surface with an irregular boundary (i.e. a polygon)?
All the provided examples ( use a rectangular surface area.


  Re: Support of irregular boundaries for Surface Chart
Posted by Peter Kwan on Sep-01-2022 22:42
Hi Adil,

The example below is in fact a chart with a polygonal boundary. Note the red circled part of the surface. The boundary of the surface is not exactly a rectangle.

ChartDirector will plot all cells that are within the polygonal boundary. Unluckily, the cells themselves must be a rectangle. That's why the boundary has a jagged structure. You can made the cells smaller to reduce the jagged structure.

Note that the cells refer to the internal resolution used by ChartDirector to compute the server and is configurable. It is not related to the cells for the grid lines, which are for human reading only. Changing the internal resolution will not change the visible grid lines.

For the surface boundary, ChartDirector will always use the maximum possible polygon formed by the data points. Some of the data points will become the vertices of the polygon. The rest of the data points will be inside the polygon. ChartDirector will then compute the values on the surface along a rectangular grid, but only consider points grid points that are inside the polygon.

Best Regards
Peter Kwan