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  Does CDML support Korean?
Posted by YJ on Sep-05-2022 13:33
Hi, I'm using "BaseChart.addText" API and and using CDML on third parameter "text" as you supported:

But there is a problem when I use CDML include Korean(encoding UTF-8) on img path.
The image doesn't show on the background.

============ EXAMPLE ==============
CString wallPaperStr = _T(<*img=C:UserstestDesktop테스트.JPG,width=500,height=550*>);
pBaseChart->addText(0, 0, TCHARtoUTF8(wallPaperStr))->setZOrder(Chart::ChartBackZ);

For reference, I'm using chartdir60.dll version (C++), and there is no problem when I use ChartDirector_s.jar (JAVA)

Does CDML support Korean? or Are there any solutions to solve this problem? What should I do?

  Re: Does CDML support Korean?
Posted by Peter Kwan on Sep-06-2022 05:33
Hi YJ,

For C++, is it possible to update to at ChartDirector 6.3?

In Java, there is only one type of text strings - 2 byte unicode text strings. So there is no confusion in understanding the text and it works.

In C++, there are two kinds of text strings - 2-byte unicode text strings (wchar *), and C style text strings (char *). For C style text strings, there are many types of encodings. The source code editor, compiler, MFC CString, ChartDirector and the operating system can use different encodings. ChartDirector always uses UTF8 encoding, but it needs to convert it to the encoding used by the operating system to open the file. ChartDirector 6.0.1 sometimes may convert it incorrectly for CDML path names, and this may have caused the problem for your case. You may download ChartDirector for C++ 6.3 from:

To update to ChartDirector 6.3, in your project, you can update the chartdir60.dll/chartdir60.lib, and also the header files in "ChartDirector/include".

Best Regards
Peter Kwan