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  Can update LegendBox Values by cursor x?
Posted by C.H. Gim on Sep-16-2022 23:39
Dynamic Drawing legends is supported.
Then, how to update the legendbox y values by changing x values?

  Re: Can update LegendBox Values by cursor x?
Posted by Peter Kwan on Sep-17-2022 18:03
Hi C.H. Gim,

From your previous message, I think you are referring to a FinanceChart, and you are already able to draw track cursors on a FinanceChart.

By default, the FinanceChart will include the legend box. To use dynamic legend box, you have to disable to default legend box by setting its content to transparent. Then you can draw the dynamic legend box with the y values at the cursor position, just like how you draw the track cursors.

We have not provided track cursor examples in classical VB6. You may refer to our VB.NET example as a reference. You can find the code that disables the default legend box, and how the dynamic legend box is built using CDML.

Best Regards
Peter Kwan