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  contour border
Posted by an on Nov-23-2022 14:15
I use addCustomContour to draw the no fill contour.

I have a problem to draw the border in the contour layer, if the contour not fill all the plotarea.

Are there any methods in the API to Set/Get the border in the contour chart?


  Re: contour border
Posted by Peter Kwan on Nov-24-2022 00:49
Hi An,

Sorry, I am not too sure what you mean. May be you can attached an example image to help me understand what you need.

By default, in a contour chart, ChartDirector will fill the biggest possible polygon formed by the data points. The following is an example of the fill region:

Do you mean you want to not filling certain region inside the biggest possible polygon?

If you want to fill certain region below or above certain z values (such as not filling for z < 0), you can set the fill color to transparent, or set the minimum contour level to 0, and then set the "underflow color" to transparent.

If you want to define  certain specific region for not filling (such as to have a circular hole in the fill region), you can cover those region with the same color as the plot area background.

If you need further help, please let me know of your programming language and also attached an image to help me understand what you need.

Best Regards
Peter Kwan