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Posted by Raimund on Jul-20-2023 14:44
Is there a simple way to integrate checkboxes in a legend, e.g. to show or hide individual elements from the plot by clicking on them?

  Re: Legend
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jul-21-2023 12:28
Hi Raimund,

There are several ways to show/hide elements from the plot by clicking. The simplest way is to add some checkboxes to your user interface. An example is (I assume you are using MFC/C++):

When the user clicks on the checkbox, the code simply redraws the chart. The charting code is designed to add a data series only when the corresponding checkbox is checked.

If you want the checkbox to be "integrated" into the built-in ChartDirector legend key, then you would need to use custom legend keys and draw the checkbox icons with CDML. The following is an example of using custom legend keys:

You need to draw the custom legend keys no matter the data is shown or hidden (otherwise the user cannot re-show the data after they are hidden).

In brief:

1. You need to disable to default automatic legend keys by using Layer.setLegendOrder (I assume it is an XYChart) to set the legend mode to Chart::NoLegend. See:

2. You can then add custom legend keys using LegendBox.addKey. On Windows, there is a "Wingdings 2" font that includes the checkbox symbols.

3. Include an image map for the LegendBox so that the legend keys become hot spots.

4. When the user clicks on the chart, in the click handler, check if the legend key is clicked, and update the hide/show state of the sereis and redraw the chart.

Best Regards
Peter Kwan

  Re: Legend
Posted by Raimund on Jul-21-2023 15:22
Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for the help. Your support is really impressive!