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  need to increase tooltips areas.
Posted by jdr on Aug-21-2023 22:47

I am having some usability issues. My charts have a line layer, which users are finding quite difficult to get the line tooltip to show since the getHTMLImageMap is producing areas with ~15px of height on average.

I am not finding on docs how to increase the height of the area. Even increasing the width of the layer or dataset line would keep the same area.

Any advice would be nice :)
Thanks in advance.

  Re: need to increase tooltips areas.
Posted by Peter Kwan on Aug-22-2023 03:16
Hi jdr,

You can use LineLayer.setImageMapWidth to configure the effective line width of the image map. See:

The exact code depends on your programming language. In C#/Java, it is like:


Best Regards
Peter Kwan