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  Add "spec" line to a chart
Posted by on Aug-26-2023 09:07
I have several charts, XY "probability" charts, Histograms, etc.    How would I add a "spec" line to these charts.

spec is an upper limit or lower limit or both, for a set of data.  to denote what is good results and what is bad results, for a set of test data results.

  Re: Add "spec" line to a chart
Posted by Peter Kwan on Aug-26-2023 14:04
Hi William.Cook,

You can use Axis.addMark to add vertical or horizontal mark lines at the position you want, and/or to use Axis.addZone, XYChart.xZoneColor and XYChart.yZoneColor to color specific data range. See:

The following are some examples:

Some old examples I can find in this forum are as follows (which shows that ChartDirector has been used in Statistical Process Control for a long time):

Best Regards
Peter Kwan