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  Zooming and Scrolling
Posted by seafree on Oct-19-2023 00:44
HI Peter, please will you help me?

I had been draw a chart with a very long range, it are in minutes, in X axis, so I must to do a Zooming and Scrolling Framework in Perl.

I hade been used  perl v5.16.3 and ChartDirector Ver 5.0 (Perl Edition)

Please Peter, will you help me?


  Re: Zooming and Scrolling
Posted by Peter Kwan on Oct-19-2023 23:59
Hi seafree,

I believe there is a "Simple Zooming and Scrolling" example in ChartDirector for Perl 5.0. It should be similar to:

(Note: The documentation above is from ChartDirector 6.0. Please use the version 5.0 sample code that comes with your ChartDirector for Perl 5.0.)

First, try the sample code to make sure it works in your machine. Then replace the random data in the sample code with your actual data. After verifying that it works, you can modify the style (the chart size, colors, chart title, etc) to fit you needs.

Best Regards
Peter Kwan

  Re: Zooming and Scrolling
Posted by seafree on Nov-16-2023 04:00
Thank a lot Peter