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  Change financial chart background color
Posted by Brian Hui on Oct-24-2023 12:00
Hi Peter,

I found it is quite difficult to change the background color from white to black of financial chart which includes chart1, chart2 and xy-axis. I am using c# version. Auy suggestion? Thanks!

background color.png

  Re: Change financial chart background color
Posted by Peter Kwan on Oct-24-2023 17:06
Hi Brian,

Some of the colors are the default colors. They can be changed using BaseChart.setColors. Other colors are specified by your code and/or non-default. They have to be changed individually.

I have attached an example for your reference. It is modified from the "Finance Chart (2)" sample code. Basically, there is a "applyColors" function that changes some generic colors of the chart. I also adjusted the colors of some indicators to make them brighter, otherwise they will look too dark on a dark background.

The original sample code is at

The modified code is as follows:

// A function to change the generic colors of a chart
protected XYChart applyColors(XYChart c)
c.setColor(Chart.TextColor, 0xffffff);
c.setColor(Chart.LineColor, 0xaaaaaa);
c.getPlotArea().setBackground(0x000000, -1, 0x555555);
c.getPlotArea().setGridColor(0x333333, 0x333333);
return c;

// Page Load event handler
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Create a finance chart demo containing 100 days of data
    int noOfDays = 100;

    // To compute moving averages starting from the first day, we need to get extra data points
    // before the first day
    int extraDays = 30;

    // In this exammple, we use a random number generator utility to simulate the data. We set up
    // the random table to create 6 cols x (noOfDays + extraDays) rows, using 9 as the seed.
    RanTable rantable = new RanTable(9, 6, noOfDays + extraDays);

    // Set the 1st col to be the timeStamp, starting from Sep 4, 2002, with each row representing
    // one day, and counting week days only (jump over Sat and Sun)
    rantable.setDateCol(0, new DateTime(2002, 9, 4), 86400, true);

    // Set the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th columns to be high, low, open and close data. The open value
    // starts from 100, and the daily change is random from -5 to 5.
    rantable.setHLOCCols(1, 100, -5, 5);

    // Set the 6th column as the vol data from 5 to 25 million
    rantable.setCol(5, 50000000, 250000000);

    // Now we read the data from the table into arrays
    double[] timeStamps = rantable.getCol(0);
    double[] highData = rantable.getCol(1);
    double[] lowData = rantable.getCol(2);
    double[] openData = rantable.getCol(3);
    double[] closeData = rantable.getCol(4);
    double[] volData = rantable.getCol(5);

    // Create a FinanceChart object of width 640 pixels
    FinanceChart c = new FinanceChart(640);

    // Add a title to the chart
    c.addTitle("Finance Chart Demonstration");

    // Set the data into the finance chart object
    c.setData(timeStamps, highData, lowData, openData, closeData, volData, extraDays);

    // Add a slow stochastic chart (75 pixels high) with %K = 14 and %D = 3
    applyColors(c.addSlowStochastic(75, 14, 3, 0x90f0f0, 0xf0f090));

    // Add the main chart with 240 pixels in height

    // Add a 10 period simple moving average to the main chart, using brown color
    c.addSimpleMovingAvg(10, 0xcc6600);

    // Add a 20 period simple moving average to the main chart, using purple color
    c.addSimpleMovingAvg(20, 0xcc44ff);

    // Add candlestick symbols to the main chart, using green/red for up/down days
    c.addCandleStick(0x00ff00, 0xff0000);

    // Add 20 days donchian channel to the main chart, using light blue (9999ff) as the border and
    // semi-transparent blue (c06666ff) as the fill color
    c.addDonchianChannel(20, 0x9999ff, unchecked((int)0xc06666ff));

    // Add a 75 pixels volume bars sub-chart to the bottom of the main chart, using green/red/grey
    // for up/down/flat days
    c.addVolBars(75, 0x99ff99, 0xff9999, 0x808080);

    // Append a MACD(26, 12) indicator chart (75 pixels high) after the main chart, using 9 days for
    // computing divergence.
    applyColors(c.addMACD(75, 26, 12, 9, 0x8888ff, 0xff66ff, 0x00c000));

    // Output the chart
    WebChartViewer1.Image = c.makeWebImage(Chart.SVG);

Peter Kwan

  Re: Change financial chart background color
Posted by Brian Hui on Oct-26-2023 12:19
Let me try! Thanks Peter~