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  plot symbols on financechart SimpleMovingAvg line
Posted by Craig R on Jan-02-2024 07:54
Hello Peter,

is it possible to plot symbols on the financechart SimpleMovingAvg indicator line.

I tried adding a ScatterLayer but does not work with financechart.

Craig R

  Re: plot symbols on financechart SimpleMovingAvg line
Posted by Peter Kwan on Jan-02-2024 23:13
Hi Craig R,

If you want the add symbols to the data points on the simple moving average indicator line, you can use DataSet.setDataSymbol. It is the same as how you can add symbols to a normal line layer:

For the FinanceChart, it is like:

' 5 days simple moving average
Dim layer As LineLayer = c.addSimpleMovingAvg(5, &H663300)

' add symbols for the data points on the line
layer.getDataSet(0).setDataSymbol(Chart.CircleShape, 9, &HFF0000)

If what you want is to add symbols at certain coordinates provided by your code, you can following the example "Finance Chart Custom Symbols":

Basically, you can create an array containing the symbol position for each trading session. This array is similar to other data arrays (the high/low/open/close ....) in the FinanceChart.
If there is no symbol for a certain trading session, you can use Chart.NoValue as the symbol position. You can then use addScatterLayer to that the scatter layer. As no x-coordinates are needed, the x-coordinates in addScatterLayer should be set to Nothing.

Best Regards
Peter Kwan