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  How do I make this chart?
Posted by Ji-hyeon Choi on Feb-01-2024 12:24

I want to draw the chart image in the picture using your library. Which part can I draw?

Is it right to add a Spline Line layer to the area chart?

  Re: How do I make this chart?
Posted by Peter Kwan on Feb-01-2024 22:44
Hi Ji-hyeon Choi,

For the bars, you can use a BarLayer (XYChart.addBarLayer).

For the spline curve, you can use the SplineLayer (XYChart.addSplineLayer).

You can fill the region between the spline curve and the x-axis with an InterLineLayer. The following an example of filling between two lines/splines:

For your case, you can fill between the spline curve and the y=0 mark line. It is like:

SplineLayer layer* = c->addSplineLayer(....);

Mark *zeroLine = c->yAxis()->addMark(0, Chart::Transparent);

c->addInterLineLayer(layer->getLine(), zeroLine->getLine(), 0x7fcccc00);

Best Regards
Peter Kwan