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BCG Matrix trying to get BCG matrix.png Patrick 4 May-29-2020 23:49
Problem the texts and labels are not displayed. bad.PNG Heli Rodriguez 0 May-29-2020 20:09
XYchart with RHS axis adding horizontalbarlayer to LHS of chart Craig R 3 May-29-2020 18:25
Specifying what dates are shown on the X-Axis? x.jpg bert sirkin 2 May-28-2020 20:35
Converting horizontal x-axis date labels to vertical Bert 2 May-27-2020 20:21
Crosshair Type cursor with labels at X and Y Chuck 2 May-27-2020 18:42
Track line finance chart Drops2 2 May-26-2020 03:20
C# DBTable data from Sqlite Drops2 4 May-19-2020 03:05
Any support for php7.4 cnangel 2 May-16-2020 10:26
Scatter Chart symbol increases in size with quantity... Chuck 2 May-15-2020 19:56
Symbols inside a circle symbols_inside_circle.png at 1 May-13-2020 05:43
Track BarLayers Values Davide 7 May-06-2020 15:09
GetColor doesn't work after layoutAxes(); Lars 2 Apr-30-2020 17:22
Problem working with BarLayers and LineLayers on the same chart Cattura.PNG Davide 2 Apr-24-2020 16:14
setTruncate not working on legend at 7 Apr-24-2020 13:11
We want not to show label/score when score is 0%. How? Franky 2 Apr-24-2020 02:59
can spread the charts from each other ? 16ff1.jpg jill 14 Apr-22-2020 21:21
Back ground color (Finance and XYChart) SH_0019.png icm63 4 Apr-20-2020 20:26
Draw Multichart Takeshi 6 Apr-12-2020 02:02
Offset of 2 or more series in Z order 6A7C7510-AAE5-4800-9078-CD2A80F89729.jpeg Chuck 9 Apr-10-2020 15:56
Add border around a zone, best idea ZoneBorder.png icm63 4 Apr-08-2020 02:14
BaseChart.makeChart2(Chart.PDF) returning null David 13 Apr-01-2020 23:06
Can we get a ChartDirector.Net.dll built for .Net Framework? David 1 Mar-28-2020 21:46
Redraw clears Tracker Curor info Chuck 2 Mar-24-2020 00:39
Reset zoom in chartdirector graphs Rahul 2 Mar-06-2020 14:09
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