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Disappearing ticks setscale.jpg KeithB 10 Feb-29-2024 23:31
Realtime Finance chart jumping ronen 1 Feb-27-2024 02:26
missing Y axis labels Before.jpg Chris carlson 4 Feb-23-2024 22:06
Chart Auto Sizing to Windows control KeithB 5 Feb-22-2024 23:55
Same boat, running Perl 5.30 Martin Gross 1 Feb-21-2024 01:49
step line chart zoom in/out and scroll chart.png jungryul kim 3 Feb-20-2024 10:06
For a Line chart, a user wants to hide the line between the first and second data point line-hide-part-1.jpg Brian Litke 3 Feb-13-2024 18:08
How to display x-axis time in seconds format? cho 1 Feb-13-2024 14:18
Turning off "grid" lines JPG.JPG KeithB 4 Feb-12-2024 22:52
bar colors not working Capture3.PNG Max 5 Feb-08-2024 17:11
Multipoint graphs with uneven X data points Saqib Mahmood 7 Feb-07-2024 09:18
Label x axis Max 1 Feb-06-2024 23:53
EMA value changed during zoom in/out ema.png Brian Hui 2 Feb-06-2024 18:32
setting alignment on the plot chart Ji-hyeon Choi 4 Feb-02-2024 10:03
How to fix symbol size in legend? Ji-hyeon Choi 1 Feb-02-2024 03:08
How do I make this chart? 캡처.PNG Ji-hyeon Choi 1 Feb-01-2024 22:44
Arbitrary Table screenshot.png KeithB 2 Jan-30-2024 23:05
Chart Director Version KeithB 2 Jan-30-2024 23:01
How to show the chart legend in one single line moses 1 Jan-30-2024 22:39
How to know the labels number displayed on the vertical axis moses 1 Jan-30-2024 13:52
Scatter Chart with Custom Symbols Dharm 5 Jan-24-2024 00:41
Extending multi-color line chart to multiple data sets KeithB 4 Jan-23-2024 23:53
Finance Chart volume profile sample request (C#) volume profile.png Brian Hui 8 Jan-23-2024 22:51
Support for perl v5.36 and v5.38 Ulrich Reining 3 Jan-22-2024 23:30
How to draw a blank candlestick chart for some days with zero trades Untitled2.png aakv 3 Jan-20-2024 12:07
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