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How can I make the legend match the line/bar type Chart_Legend.png David Thielen 10 Mar-09-2021 00:19
Why is data added this way? David Thielen 6 Mar-08-2021 23:57
Pie/radar/polar Image2.jpg Brian 2 Mar-04-2021 23:16
How do I pass bitmaps to use for the plot points? PlotPoints.png David Thielen 14 Mar-03-2021 14:50
updateDisplay and flickering Peter 1 Mar-01-2021 23:49
How can I make axis labels only show each other, at an angle second.png David Thielen 1 Feb-25-2021 20:30
How can I set it to render data labels for just some plot points? David Thielen 1 Feb-25-2021 14:47
Axis.setLabels() appears to not be working David Thielen 6 Feb-25-2021 14:46
Ask about how to draw graphs non-continuously in surface charts. graph.jpg kwon 1 Feb-25-2021 01:27
Error when all y-axis values are the same y.JPG YH Kim 3 Feb-24-2021 16:55
How can I have a legend with just some entries Chart_Legend_2.png David Thielen 1 Feb-23-2021 11:49
Position of DataLabels Polar-sample.png Björn 1 Feb-23-2021 02:15
Help Adnan 1 Feb-23-2021 01:58
ARM processor support (specifically AWS Graviton) for PHP ChartDirector? Jason 1 Feb-21-2021 14:46
.setGridWidth 0.25 pixels Dan 5 Feb-20-2021 00:12
fontsize changed on pdf creation Gerard Troost 1 Feb-18-2021 03:25
Adding spreadsheet-like XY Chart to Finance Chart _overallchart.JPG Takeshi 7 Feb-17-2021 02:15
setMonthNames for Chinese font chardir-font.png james 6 Feb-15-2021 17:15
KDJ indicator in financechart james 1 Feb-13-2021 16:20
High resolution (<1ms) chart data acquisition - VS2019 C# William 6 Feb-11-2021 23:13
Method not in pair? Thexder 2 Feb-10-2021 14:10
How to get the index value of dataset when tracking a finance chart James 1 Feb-09-2021 14:08
Lots of functionality is gone Mike Turner 1 Feb-09-2021 00:36
Compile error: Method or data member not found Mike Turner 1 Feb-08-2021 23:20
ChartDirector does not recognize my license Mike Turner 0 Feb-08-2021 12:16
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