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New Release Adrian C 9 May-02-2019 16:09
WebChartViewer zoom sometimes returns the wrong chart reims 1 May-02-2019 15:19
Extend Surface After Zooming 2019-04-15 16_33_09-.jpg Baris E 6 Apr-24-2019 14:12
XYChart with logarithmic axes cannot have custom labels and minorTickInc Mármarosi József 3 Apr-23-2019 19:03
Bubble scale symbol-help needed. Frank 2 Apr-20-2019 07:08
How to use DBTable when using SQL Server Database? liqipr 11 Apr-16-2019 01:19
bar chart with grouping bar_with_grouping.png at 3 Apr-12-2019 18:52
fiance chart colors question zdw 1 Apr-12-2019 01:24
.svg of scatter plot crashes in CorelDraw Fredrik Nyberg 2 Apr-11-2019 21:41
Error question q.png Brian Kim 3 Apr-05-2019 17:42
Right click on a chart Screenshot_8.jpg Nishant Sharma 1 Apr-05-2019 00:27
How to extend a trend Line to the right side for Finance chart 爱尔眼科WeeklyLPOs.png Jianhua 4 Apr-02-2019 09:21
Four chart on the same screen forum1.PNG Oguz 2 Apr-01-2019 22:58
Two Surface in a Chart 22.png Baris E 2 Apr-01-2019 22:06
Shifting the Day Shading DTNO1_HGIRGZZr.png Mark Fenbers 3 Mar-29-2019 16:56
How to synchronize DrawArea drawing with ChartViewer viewPort fibnode3.PNG Jianhua 11 Mar-28-2019 22:20
streamUpdate error: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined James 4 Mar-28-2019 17:11
xAxis to be INTEGER numbers only SH_0009.png icm63 1 Mar-28-2019 14:48
Licence Code Update from phpchartdir560 to phpchartdir720 Uwe 6 Mar-27-2019 21:26
ChartDirector image not display on IE 10/11/Edge for some data Pankaj Singh 1 Mar-27-2019 17:40
PreviewKeyDown f1 problem Brian Kim 3 Mar-27-2019 11:44
Y-Axis financial data to 8 decimal places finchart.jpg Neil 2 Mar-26-2019 04:06
ViewPortLeft and HScroll svein berg 1 Mar-26-2019 00:52
Data Selection on ThreeDScatter Chart Baris E 4 Mar-22-2019 12:53
perl: word wrap dataset name for XYChart cd__192.168.10.11359123123241553030582_0.png Donavon Lerman 3 Mar-21-2019 18:04
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